AirData GDPR Consent API

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To comply with GDPR regulation that went into effect May 25th, 2018, AirData has enabled a new API to send user consent from your applications to the AirData platform. This option is required when you choose to use your own user consent solution.

You have the ability to use AirData's built-in user consent, which is now bundled in the latest AirData SDK that became available May 25th, 2018. Simply update your app(s) with this SDK to leverage this solution.

If you choose to send user consent via our API, please use the method described below:

Once you receive a user's consent (either agree or disagree), use the code below to notify AirData of the user's decision.

//Create instance of SharedPreferences
SharedPreferences preferences = getApplicationContext().getSharedPreferences("airdata_consent", Context.MODE_PRIVATE);
//Save to SharedPreferences user id, that you generate for this specific user
//Set 'true' if user agreed consent or set 'false' otherwise
//You'r done. Thank you
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