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To comply with GDPR regulation that went into effect May 25th, 2018, Airnowmedia has enabled a new API to send user consent from your applications to the Airnowmedia platform. This option is required when you choose to use your own user consent solution, or if you are an S2S publisher.

You have the ability to use Airnowmedia's built-in user consent, which is now bundled within SDKX that became available May 25th, 2018. Simply update your app(s) with this SDK to leverage this solution.

If you choose to send user consent via our API, please use the method and parameters described below. Note that we do not use cipher and gzip, so we do not use base64 for query param. All parameters are required.


Method Params Result Description Sample
GET /consent/status/check userId, appId, consentId HTTP 200 {'agree': 'true'} The method to check the agreement for the user, device and target consent. 'true' if agreement is accepted, 'false' - if not. 'nothing' if license has never been shown before.
GET /consent/agreement appId, consentId HTTP 200 Licence text The method to return license text for consent. AppId param is not used for now (but will in the near future)
GET /consent/status/change userId, appId, consentId, timestamp, flag HTTP 200 The method to change agreement state for the user, device and target consent. "State" comes from the flag parameter: true or false.


Param Type Description
userId string user id. It may be Google ID or Device ID, or something different. Client side can decide what's used. User ID comes as MD5 hash.
appid string application id. Client side can decide what's used. App ID comes as MD5 hash.
consentid string The specific license that the user takes. For example location or something different. Every licence agreement has consent id - uniquely identifying it. Consent ID comes as MD5 hash.
timestamp long Unix time in ms.
flag boolean The user's decision about the license. true or false.
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