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WAP Conversions (mobile site conversions)

Website conversion tracking allows you to track a specific conversion point of your campaign's direct response, such as successful registrations,leads etc.

All conversions are recorded using a unique identifier called GUID, which is generated by Airnow Monetization on every click. Advertisers can receive this identifier on each click using macro %guid%. Advertisers can append the macro %guid% to their click through url.

Advertisers are responsible for passing through the GUID values from the click-through landing page till the conversions page. Airnow Monetization do not make use of cookies for any kind of tracking.

Step 1 – Server-2-Server Method(S2S)

To record a conversion via S2S method you will need to initiate an http call from your server to Airnow Monetization conversions API. Airnow Monetization conversions API end point is given below.


Where {GUID} must be replaced with the value of %guid% macro received via click-through url.

Example click through urls entered in Airnow Monetization interface.

1. http://yourclickthrough.com?click_id=%guid%&param2=value2
2. http://yourclickthrough.com/foo/%guid%/

When the end user clicks on the ad they will be redirected to the the following URL.

1. http://yourclickthrough.com?click_id=8efef019a0fbee987b7bdaac23fdb2b0&param2=value2
2. http://yourclickthrough.com/foo/433b039e5fa046dcc0b7f92da77ce93c/

The advertiser's server should make a call to Airnow Monetization at

1. http://api.airpush.com/track/?guid=8efef019a0fbee987b7bdaac23fdb2b0
2. http://api.airpush.com/track/?guid=433b039e5fa046dcc0b7f92da77ce93c
Step 2 – Image Pixel

You may also record a conversion from the client side using Airnow Monetization Image pixel. Advertisers can place the image pixel on the conversions page. Pixel structure should look like below.

<img src="http://api.airpush.com/track/?guid={guid}&type=image" height="1px" width="1px" />

For the examples mentioned, image pixels would look like given below.

1. <img src="http://api.airpush.com/track/?guid=8efef019a0fbee987b7bdaac23fdb2b0&type=image" height="1px" width="1px" />
2. <img src="http://api.airpush.com/track/?guid=433b039e5fa046dcc0b7f92da77ce93c&type=image" height="1px" width="1px" />
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